Chakwera commits to protecting women’s rights

State President Lazarus Chakwera has reiterated his commitment to promoting and protecting women in the country.

Chakwera made the recommitment when he had an audience with the Women Manifesto Movement in Lilongwe.

Among other things, Chakwera has said he will make certain that justice for women in Msundwe prevails and has agreed to meet with the Movement on intervals as one way of monitoring issues of women and girls.

During the meeting the movement highlighted a number of issues that need to be addressed to ensuring that efforts to promote women are effective.

Among others the Movement asked the president to align the public appointments with Gender Equality Act which demands a threshold of 40/60 where the Movement expressed discomfort on the presentation of women in the covid-19 presidential taskforce.

The Movement also demanded for the establishment of Women’s Economic Empowerment Fund Policy to enable women access at least 30% of public procurement opportunities regardless of their political affiliations or networks.

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