MPC tipped on digital marketing

Parliament has urged the Malawi Posts Corporation (MPC) to migrate to digital marketing of its services amid changes in technological advances.

The Parliamentary Cluster on Industry, Trade and Tourism and Media, Information and Communications said this in Lilongwe after meeting MPC officials.

According to the Cluster`s Co-Chairperson Simplex Chithyola Banda, the Corporation needs to work on adapting the modern market environment which demands the use of digital platforms.

“Time has changed, it is imperative that the Cooperation adapts to modern ways of marketing their services if they are to live to the expectations of customers,” said Chithyola Banda.

In an interview, acting Post Master General Zachaeus George Meke said MPC is seriously working on improving its services aimed at profit making.

“MPC has developed a turnaround strategy that focuses on two issues which are cost reduction and investments in new projects or improving the current projects so, once we clear the rubble which includes old debt and service arrears, the next part of it is to invest in the new projects so it is these projects that will turn MPC from loss making to profit making,” he said.

MPC is one of the parastatals that has been performing poorly as it has been making losses on its services on the market.

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