Expert pleads for psycho-social support to learners

A renowned education expert, Dr. Steven Shara, has appealed to government to put deliberate measures to prepare girls who have been impregnated during the period which the schools were closed due to COVID-19 pandemic lock-down.

The expert also expressed the need to engage those who are withdrawn from marriages and prepare them psychologically as they go back to school.

Dr. Shara’s sentiment comes following remarks by the Principle Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Chikondano Musa, who said that girls who became pregnant and are in national examination classes must still sit for their examinations.

The expert told YFM online that there is a possibility that the victims might face stigma and discrimination from their peers hence the need to counsel them and prepare them psychologically.

Dr. Shara said: “These girls need a psycho-social support because they will be going back to school after going through a lot of trauma so it is very important that before they embark on academic content, they must be given some kind of Reintegration support.”

He further said the girls must be encouraged to move on and forget about the mistakes they made.

He added that teachers should also be well trained on how they will be handling the affected girls.

Malawi has seen a spike in teen pregnancies and early marriages during COVID-19 lock-down.

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