Hands off ACB – Matemba

The Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB) has asked politicians to take their hands off the bureau and allow it to execute its duties professionally.

The graft bursting body’s Director General Reyneck Matemba made the appeal in Lilongwe during an interface meeting the Parliamentary Cluster on Legal Affairs and Government Assurances.

Matemba said it is worrisome to note that the Bureau has suffered multiple political interference over the past years on its operations.

“We want to avoid to be seen to lignin to a certain political party because we are supposed to be apolitical we are public servants and our duty is to provide a service to the people of Malawi and we are not targeting anybody we are just doing our work,” Matemba stressed.

He also dismissed allegations that the Bureau is pursuing its investigations based on political witch-hunt.

“We don’t look at faces, we have to do our work whether you are a politician or not, we just have to do our work, politicians also commit offenses and we have to pursue them just like any person,” Matemba said.

Co-chairperson for the Cluster Yusuf Nthenda has pledged the Cluster`s support towards ensuring that the Bureau is carrying out its duties independently.

“We are going to make sure that the ACB is free from any political interference because if the battle against corruption is to be won then all politicians should not tell ACB what to do, the ACB should remain an independent institution that should be trusted by each and every Malawian,” Nthenda said.

Delivering his State of the Nation Address on September 4, 2020, President Lazarus Chakwera said his Tonse led administration is committed to ending corruption, as they will make the graft bursting body fully independent and resourced to investigate and prosecute financial crimes.

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