Midwives petition Parliament over Abortion Bill

As debate on Parliament to deliberate on Abortion Bill continues, a grouping calling itself Faith Concerned Women Citizens has petitioned the National Assembly expressing their displeasure over the proposed bill.

The grouping of midwives led Dr Mary Mbeba says the proposed Abortion law aims at dealing with signs and symptoms not root causes of abortion.

“It is unfortunate that some sector are busy going around with huge resources to have the law passed in this Honourable House and I would like to tell them that this Bill is dealing with root cause, its after signs and symptoms, let’s focus on prevention as a nation not what they are telling us,” she said.

Dr Mbeba added that it is unfortunate that some quarters are busy promoting the law without considering the side effects that women go through when they abort.

“I am a midwife by professional with vast experience on these issues, I know and understand the abnormalities that women go through once abortion is carried out and they are silent on this, it’s only us health workers who understand these issues better,” she said.

Upon receiving the petition on behalf of the august House, Salima North West Constituency legislator Enock Phale has assured the Women that their petition will be discussed in the Chamber once the Petition is delivered to the Office of the Speaker.

“I just want to assure the three women that have presented 29 signatories that have brought this petition and I will duly process the petition with the Office of the Speaker and I am hopeful that it will find its way into the Chamber so that we debate over this,” said Phale.

The controversial Abortion Bill is scheduled for deliberations in the Chamber during the 2020/2021 national budget meeting of the House.

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