Chisi unveils ‘Canvas of Dreams’ book

A well-known Malawian author Jonas Zaithwa Chisi, has finalized the publishing of his experimental master piece, “Canvas of Dreams” for the delight of all the reading culture.

YFM caught up with James Chimaimba, Creative Director for JC creations said the book boarders on different issues that surround a human throughout his or her journey of life.

“It talks about dreams, insanity, uncertainty, schizophrenia, love, power and death in the journey of life,” Chimaimba said.

He further said it’s a short book with 10 short stories covering 50 pages.

“All short stories were written by Jonas and though they are individual stories they still present a single whole which is the canvas of dreams.

“Canvas of Dreams lays simple fact that the world is a mystery to all mankind that the fears faced, the doubts and uncertainty of life and existence are not all exclusively for a single person, but rather a shared experience of many.”

“It’s more of an educative book,” Chimaimba said.

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