Nasme upbeat on SMEs operations

National Association for Small and Medium Enterprise (Nasme) says there has been a slight improvement in small and medium enterprise operations since the reopening of airports in the country.

Speaking to YFM, Nasme Chairperson William Mwale said people have been coming and visiting various places in the country hence boosting some small and medium enterprises.

“We have seen the inflow of visitors going to the lake and other places in the country,” he said. 

“Would say it’s a welcome move since the airports reopened there`s hope that small and medium enterprise will get back on track.”

Mwale further said the SME`s will fully recover if airports in other countries reopen.

“In the next two weeks if all the airports in the covid-19 restricted countries are opened will see actually very good business coming back to normal as it was before the pandemic,” Mwale said.

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