Poetry session back on events scene

As one way of giving poets a platform to show case their talents after along break due to covid-19 pandemic, a group of poets have organized a poetry session that is slated to take place on the 31st October, in Lilongwe.

YFM entertainment crew spoke with one of the organizers Phindu Zaie Banda said the idea behind the hash tag poetry is to give room to the poets who have stayed for a long time without show casing their talents in live shows as a result of the restrictions that came with the pandemic.

“As poets we noticed that since the pandemic started we haven’t really had any poetry events, so we wanted to provide a platform to poets to be on stage and share their work,” Banda said.

She also said the event will also act as a reminder to Malawians that poets are still here.

“We wanted that people should come and experience this poetry event,” she said.

The event will be graced by five poets namely Phindu Zaie Banda, Dark shadow, Wati, Marumbo Sichinga and Alex.

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