Female MPs challenge young girls

The Parliamentary Women Caucus has challenged young girls in the country to be vigilant and develop an independent attitude towards life.
The Chairperson for the caucus, Lonnie Chijere Phiri said this after observing that many young girls fall prey to peer pressure due to an over dependency syndrome, which results in high teen pregnancy rates.
“Many girls do not recognize their potential which enhances the over dependency syndrome in them,” she said.
She said this affects and makes it difficult for them to make wise decisions against the pressure from their peers.
Chijere Phiri added that this makes girls more vulnerable as they would always be willing to do anything and easily get coaxed with the counterparts in exchange for material and basic needs.
She has since urged the girls to develop a resilient and independent attitude towards life, which she said is very crucial in curbing teen pregnancies and school dropout cases among girls.

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