Government assessing on decongesting schools

Minister of Education Agnes NyaLonje says government is working on plans of constructing primary and secondary schools to meet the increasing school enrollment.

NyaLonje, who was answering questions from Members of Parliament in the House, said her ministry is assessing the situation with an aim of improving education standard in the country.

In an interview, the Education Minister said government is aware of the dilapidated structures that learners use for learning and that it is important that government consider of seriously working on school infrastructure.

When it comes to school infrastructure, I think most Malawians know that we don’t have enough classrooms and most Malawians also know that what we have [classrooms] is in a very bad repair and the most commonly used word is dilapidated.”

“But as government we are assessing the situation and see which schools need extra classrooms in relation to the number of students at that particular school,” said NyaLonje.

Meanwhile, the lawmakers have pleaded with the Minister to consider constructing science laboratories and girls and boys hostels.

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