Grouping wants Ghandi statue case closed

The concerned grouping against the erection of a statue of Mahatma Ghandi in Malawi says it intends to withdraw the case.

In 2018, Mkotama Katenga Kaunda and Pemphero Mphande obtained an injunction from the High Court stopping Blantyre City Council and Plem Construction Limited from erecting the statue at Ginnery Corner, Blantyre arguing that Gandhi did not contribute anything to the country.

But last week, the Indian government erected Ghandi’s statue at the Indian High Commissioner’s Office in Lilongwe.

Mphande, leader for the grouping, told YFM that this is a clear indication that government does not respect the opinions and concerns of Malawians.

“This is very unfortunate, the same thing we were protesting against in Blantyre has been erected in Lilongwe despite the case being in court, this only shows that these partners do not respect our systems and laws,” he said.

“All we want to do right now is just to withdraw the case because government has refused to listen to us.”

Last week, the High Court in Blantyre set October 14, 2020 date for rescheduling conference following the injunction in the matter.

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