Zathu Pa Wailesi hits airwaves

All is set for Zathu Pa Wailesi to launch its seventh season which will hit the airwaves on October 5 this year.

According to the youthful band, Season 7 will continue with exciting storylines as Zathu band characters continue on their journeys of self-discovery while channeling their own strengths and supporting each other as friends.

Speaking during a news conference in Lilongwe, members of the Band said young people should anticipate the best from the Season 7 which will also tackle health issues.

“Season 7 there are more exciting stories as you all know the Zathu Band our programme is still going on with C-Zee and Dj Goxy on Timve Kwa Inu, going all around Malawi and taking the stories of young people and what`s going on their lives and sharing it on Timve Kwa Inu,” reasoned Theresa Dzanjalimodzi, one of the Zathu members.

The Band also said that the 7th season will feature in issues to do with Sexual Reproductive Health issues among the youth.

“And another exciting issue of Season 7 is that we continue with Sexual Reproductive Health messages where Chikondi and Alinafe storylines are continuing whereby young girls are being encouraged to for HPV vaccine test,” said Theresa.

The radio drama will be airing on YONECO FM, Wednesday 3:30pm repeat Saturday at 4:30pm effective 5th October this year.

In Season 7, listeners will be sending their comments and questions about anything they want to know to Aunt Nelly on 0888353535 and 0999353535 numbers.

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