Red sorghum a nutritional alternative – NASME

The National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (NASME) says the country stands to benefit a lot if more farmers venture into Red Sorghum farming.

NASME chairperson William Mwale made the remarks following a call from Chibuku Products to willing farmers who will become contract farmers and supply the company with Red Sorghum.

Mwale said despite the economic benefits of this opportunity if the farmers produce more than enough Red Sorghum the excess can be used to create nutritious meals hence overcoming some nutritional problems.

“In Malawi we have been lagging behind in terms of food diversification, for a long time we have been depending on maize flour as a staple food.

“Red Sorghum is an alternative for making food such as nsima and porridge just as some of our neighboring countries have been doing,” said Mwale.

Earlier in the month of November Chibuku Products sent an invitation to willing people to become contract farmers who will be provided with Red Sorghum seeds to farm.

Chibuku says it will later come when the sorghum is ready for harvest to buy the sorghum which is used to make various products.

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