Zomba farmers lament AIP woes

Some farming households have complained that they are being let down by the new system that government is using in the implementation of the Affordable Inputs Programme (AIP).

Some of the people who were at agricultural inputs selling points in Zomba complained that the process is taking too long citing network problems.

They went on to state that some have waited for more than three days at selling points and they still have not been assisted.

From the AGORA depot in Zomba there seems to be progress as they have managed to assist a good number of people.

However there is still the persistent problem of network coverage which is slowing down the whole process.

According to one of the people depot Dallas Masambuka said the network issue is taking a toll on both the people assigned to sell the products but also the people lined up to buy the products.

Concurring with Masambuka Peter Jamali chair of Village Development Committee VDC from TA nkagula also expressed his frustration at the system saying it is putting them in peril as a lot of people are left in the heat.

Meanwhile across town at the Chipiku stores the case was totally different as people stated that they had not received help for more than three days and they suspect corruption.

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