Expert says flavoured HIV drug for children game changer

A health expert Maziko Matemba has hailed the strawberry-flavoured tablet for children living with HIV which is expected to be rolled out in African countries next year.

From next year children in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Benin and Nigeria will receive the new tablets.

The UN estimates that more than 1.5 million children around the world live with HIV but says only half receive any treatment.

“What we are hoping is that they are people who did the assessment of these tablets and they have also considered other factors in our settings,” Matemba said.

He added that it will be a game changer for children who were having problems with ARV`s to start taking the flavored tablets.

“Most of the children do not like taking medicine, I believe it will be a game changer with these flavored tablets,” Matemba said.

However, Matemba said they will be a need for proper awareness before children starts taking the medication to avoid confusions.

“Am hoping this innovation when it comes to Malawi they will be proper awareness so that people are aware that this medication is here and children who are living with Aids will be able to take the tablets,” Matemba said.

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