YAS wants Blair hiring rescinded

Youth and Society (YAS) has expressed reservations on the government’s decision to acquire advisory services from Tony Blair Institute.

Recently, the office of the president announced that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair through Tony Blair Institute will provide expertise to Tonse Alliance led government for free.

Speaking to YFM Executive Director for Youth and Society Charles Kajoloweka said this move shows a no vote of confidence in our own government as well as local institutions and defeats the current goals of public sector reforms.

“We do not need someone to tell us our problems, we know them, we also have confidence in the Tonse alliance government that they can deliver without asking for expertise from Tony Blair Institute,” he said.

Kajoloweka has further called on government to halt the hiring of Tony Blair Institute with immediate effect and explore other alternatives amongst locals such as members of the academia on governance  just to mention a few.

He has also asked government to be transparent by producing the contract between government and Tony Blair Institute so that Malawians can appreciate where the no cost element is coming.

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