CSOs asked to jealously monitor public projects

Civil society organizations (CSOs) in the country have been urged to pay a closer attention in monitoring how the public finances are being managed at both district and national levels to ensure transparency.

Program Officer at Center for Social Concern, Bernard Mphepo said there is very limited transparency and accountability from the government and very little capacity for the citizens to demand accountability and transparency.

“As Center for Social Concern we believe that with very strong citizen participation to demand transparency and accountability the resources can be used for the intended purposes,” said Mphepo at a project launch in Zomba.

Mphepo said the project is aimed at strengthening capacity of citizens and civil society organizations to demand transparency and accountability in public finance management.

He said the project will among others address the knowledge gaps among citizens on public finance management, limited capacity among citizens to demand transparency and accountability as well as the increase in gap between the rich and poor.

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