Met Dept raises flash floods red flag

The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services has warned the public to take precautionary measures as it anticipates flash floods especially in low lying and flood prone areas.

Director of climate change and meteorological services Jolamu Nkhokwe said the situation follows heavy rains that the country has been receiving since last week due to combined effects of Congo air mass and Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ).

“Most areas over the south, centre and north of the country are expected to experience widespread waves of rainfall associated with fog and thunderstorms. The rains are likely to be heavy on occasions particularly along lakeshores and high ground areas in the country.

“This is due to combined effects of Congo air mass and ITCZ in addition to the influence of a low pressure cell currently hovering in the Mozambican Channel,” cautioned Nkhokwe.

In an interview, Nkhokwe has advised the general public especially those in flood prone areas to evacuate to high ground.

“The heavy rainfall episodes are likely to trigger flash floods in low lying and flood prone areas. The public is advised to be aware of flash flood areas such as streams and drainage channels, be ready to evacuate, not walk through moving water or crossing flooding rivers and to listen to weather updates,” said Nkhokwe.

Due to high chance of thunderstorms, the Department has advised people to be in doors, not touch electrical equipment, avoid plumbing, not bath or wash dishes, stay away from windows and doors, not swim or fish, stay at a low spot away from trees, and not sit on verandahs whenever there is a thunderstorm in the vicinity.

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