CSEC backs global education monitoring report on Covid-19

Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC) has backed the Global Education Monitoring report which says Covid-19 pandemic has further widened the gap of equal access to quality education in the country.

The report that was released in December 2020 says the closure of schools due to the global pandemic, made it difficult for most pupils to keep on accessing lessons via online platforms and radio.

CSEC executive director Benedicto Kondowe, said the report findings are a true reflection of things on the ground saying most families in the country failed have their wards access lessons when schools were closed due to poverty and other challenges.

“School closure due to Covid- 19 pandemic has proven that access to education during these times favours the well to do who can have access to online lessons as well as the needed gadgets,” said Kondowe.

He further said the most affected pupils are those with various forms of disabilities and those living in rural areas with only a few living in urban settings and from well to do families having access to education.

According to Kondowe this has thus widened the gap of equal access to quality education hence calling on authorities to devise teaching and learning methods that will promote delivery of education to all regardless of their status in society.

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