CSQ calls more women to screen for cancer

The Cancer Survivor’s Quest (CSQ) says it will explore other avenues of raising awareness on cervical cancer in order to encourage more women to go for screening.

Speaking to YONECO FM online, founder of CSQ Chikhulupiliro Ng’ombe said amid the Covid-19 pandemic women should be able to get messages on the importance early detection and how the cancer is affecting women in the country.

“With the challenges of Covid-19 we have had to re adapt the methods of how we do things and in this case we are planning to use social media to ensure that many women get messages on screening.

Ng’ombe also mentioned that there is lack of information as regards cancer screening as such most women may shun the process.

“What we have learned from the past years is that the challenges that come with screening begin with the lack of right information and where we have done awareness we have seen more women come out and had a change of mindset such that they take the screening as a lifestyle.”

Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers killing women in Malawi but early detection is said to be key in saving lives of women from the disease.

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