Blantyre minibus drivers cry foul over govt regulations

Blantyre Minibus Drivers Association has decried some of the decisions that government makes when it comes to public transport regulations.

The cry has come as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rear its ugly head and government is relentlessly trying to contain the further spread by among others reducing the number of passengers that use public transport vehicles.

The association’s vice chairperson Shadreck Chingwalu said that for a long-time government puts into effect measures, most of which only favor one side of the equation.

“As bus drivers we cannot turn down what the government asks us to do however the decisions should favor us all because as it stands this is one sided affair.

“If you look at the fuel hike then you consider the insurance prices and other costs at the end of the day, we are making losses at the expense of some of these measures,” said Chingwalu

Chingwalu gave an example of the situation of having the capacity reduced to two passengers saying that with the hike in fuel prices this negatively reflects on returns for their businesses.

He went on to say that if government were to talk to drivers on the issue this would be much more effective since they could come to an agreement that looks after the welfare of both parties the passengers as well as the owners of the businesses.

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