Teachers call for school closures amid surging Covid-19 cases

The debate on school closure amid the surge in Covid-19 cases in the country continues as concerned teachers have said they cannot continue operating in unsafe environment saying their right to life cannot be exchanged with money.

In a statement, chairperson for the grouping Wyson Chakulungira said they are surprised that schools have not yet been closed when many events have been suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The chairperson, Chakulungira said much as every person has a right to education, the right to life is paramount and cannot be exchanged with cash.

He also clarified that teachers are not against teaching during covid-19 but rather demanding for their safety during the teaching.

The chairperson further wondered why some gatherings have been cancelled yet schools that violates the 100 per gathering rule are still not closed, a development which he said poses high risk on both teachers and students.

He therefore demanded government to provide personal protective wear, risk allowances, and ensure weekly mass tests and that classrooms are not congested.

“Provide PPE and risk allowances to all teachers in the country,” reads part of statement.

Meanwhile, secondary school students have now started testing positive for covid-19 like schools in Lilongwe girls secondary and Chiwale Secondary School in Neno.

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