Foundation dares religious leaders to live Chilembwe`s life

As Malawi commemorates the life of a fallen hero Rev. John Chilembwe on January 15, 2021, the Lost History Foundation has reiterated on the need for the country religious leaders to be vigilant in fighting for emancipation at different levels.

The Foundation`s Director for Research Conleith Selenje has told YFM that Rev. Chilembwe lived a selfless life as he stood for what is right for the nation.

“Through the actions and philosophies of Chilembwe we can a lot, for instance Chilembwe was a man who was in two folds; he was a religious man at the same time he was a religious fighter.

“In terms of being a religious leader, his life should be an example of all religious leaders present in Malawi, leaders of religions should make sure that the flock they lead should be abused in any form be by the government all whosoever, they should make sure that they are standing beside their flock as Chilembwe did,” said Selenje.

Selenje added that it is important for the country religious leaders emulate Chilembwe`s bravery by speaking up whenever things go wrong in our modern society despite the consequences.

“As a freedom fighter, people who stand for people, people who are leaders should be brave enough to be speak against the wrong and promote the right no matter what result it can come.

“Whether it means death; it means danger, still leaders should be strong and vigilant, that’s what a leader should be and that was set by Chilembwe as well we can take that example,” said Selenje.

January 15 is commemorated annually to remember the struggles that Reverend Chilembwe went through in the fight against the oppressive colonial British government.

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