Malawi Stock Exchange lauds automated trading system

The Malawi Stock Exchange (MSE) says the Automated Trading System, an online trading portal, has contributed positively towards trading on the stock market since its establishment a couple of years ago .

The system has simplified some of the markets transactions as various players on the market are able to do their transactions from almost anywhere without physically meeting.

MSE operations manager Kelline Kanyangala while commenting on system said that since 2018 when the Automated trading System was launched it has contributed to a rise in volumes traded on the market.

Apart from this she also alluded to the fact that with the current pandemic, people are able to continue doing business meaning the market is in operation throughout without breaks due to the COVID-19.

Kelline said: “Even given the apparent situation which we are operating in of the COVID-19 pandemic it has helped in efficiency because initially we would have to have brokers come through at the office.”

“However, with the system, the brokers are able to do business from their offices or indeed anywhere just as long as they have connectivity.”

All in all the system is being rated highly for the efficiency it has brought to the stock exchange.

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