Zomba City Council to demolish Mpondabwino Bridge

Government through Zomba City Council says it will close for demolition, Mpondabwino Bridge on February 15, 2021 as the council has secured funds to construct a dual lane bridge at the place.

Speaking during the official handover of the 138 million kwacha worth project to the contractor, Shimmering Towers Construction, Chief Engineer at the Zomba City Council, Mayamiko Kabango, said the construction work of the 25 miter long and 10 miter wide bridge, will be completed in 120 days.

“All the measures to control traffic during the construction period, have been put in place and the contractor will have two weeks of awareness which includes erection of sign posts among others,” said Kabango.

Member of Parliament for Zomba Central Constituency, the project implementation site, Bester Awali asked the contractor to give the people, fully backed work considering that the money for the project, is readily available.

He further advised the contactor to employ people around the construction area in all less skills work so as to instill ownerships of the bridge to the community.

“The contractor has two major assignments, that is to give us a fully baked work as well as to make sure that all the works which needs to special skills have been given to the surrounding community,” he cautioned.

Awali, went on advising the contractor to make sure that the projects does not proceed beyond 120 days as committed by himself.

Concurring with Awali, is Group Village Headman Chikanda who said the coming in of the dual carriage bridge, will play a role in controlling accidents which have been happening at the bridge since it is a single lane.

With 1 billion kwacha funding from Roads Fund Administration, Zomba City council apart from the 139 million kwacha bridge, will also construct a Tax rank to a tune of 476 million kwacha, where people will be catching Mpondabwino-New road taxis from zomba town, Mpondabwino Namalaka road to a tune of 134 million kwacha as well as installation of the street solar lights to a tune of K289 million.

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