Ngumuya, Kadondo bemoan Covid-19 misinformation

People in the country have been advised to desist from sharing negative stories about Covid-19 as the country grapples with the fight against the pandemic.

According to gospel musician cum politician Allan Ngumuya who was once diagnosed with Covid-19, much as the pandemic is curable, negative stories have damaging impact on people who are suffering from Covid-19.

Ngumuya, who was speaking last evening in Lilongwe during the daily Covid-19 update, said personal positive mindset is the first crucial step towards fighting against the Virus.

“Most people are good at sharing false and unverified information about Coronavirus despite not being knowledgeable about Covid-19.

This undesirable tendency is negatively affecting the progress in dealing with a surge in Covid-19 cases and patients that are currently suffering from the Virus,” lamented Ngumuya.

Concurring with Ngumuya, co-chairperson of the Presidential Covid-19 Khumbize Kadondo Chiponda said false stories on the Virus are constraining efforts in the fight.

“It’s just unfortunate that some people like sharing false information in as far Covid-19 is concerned, and this behaviors is adversely impacting our efforts in dealing with this virus.

“Malawians need to be considerate by sharing messages of hope amid the pandemic, it`s only positive that can assist our brother and sisters who are critically ill from Covid-19,” said Chiponda.

The country has so far registered over 12 065 recoveries and over 883 deaths as of yesterday; Tuesday ever since Covid-19 was declared last year.

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