Taskforce reviews K6.2bn Covid-19 reports

The Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 is reviewing Covid-19 financial reports from controlling officers and heads of clusters and the reports are expected to be submitted to President Lazarus Chakwera.

The development follows a meeting which the controlling officers had with the Taskforce yesterday after President Chakwera`s directive that the K6.2 billion expenditure reports be submitted in 48 hours’ time.

According to co-chairperson of the Taskforce Khumbize Chiponda, all reports will be audited thoroughly before they are submitted to the Malawi leader.

“We have to put up a report ourselves as a committee to the President by tomorrow. The most important thing is that we are just getting the report but we will do proper auditing.

“Because auditors they dig deep, some of just we are just committee members we are capable of looking in between the lines, but for now this is what we are getting, let them account for what we had given them,” said Kadondo.

However, in a dramatic development, President Lazarus Chakwera through his Press Secretary Brian Banda said, in a statement, he has observed irregularities in the expenditure reports.

Both the Parliamentary Committees on Public Account and Budget and Finance have also called for proper investigation on the expenditure of funds.

Meanwhile, all eyes are on President Chakwera to determine on the outcome of the findings of the financial reports when all is done.

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