Keturah’s focus on positivity for music growth

Local music artist Keturah Milimo says upcoming musicians need to focus on the positives if they are to make strides in the industry.

In an interview with YFM, the Blantyre based songbird observed that many talented young artists have given up the trade due to lack of self-belief and recognition.

“As artists, it is normal to receive negative criticism but the best thing to do in this situation is to remain focused on your goal which is making music that will stand out,” Keturah said.

She continued saying that as much as criticism is vital in a musician’s growth, some of it is just meant to discourage an artist from pursuing their goal.

“People have been telling me that it is impossible to survive on music alone, but this is not a part time hustle for me, I take it as a career and I will survive and support my family with it.”

Keturah, who claims that she is still an upcoming artist herself, added that she hasn’t reached her potential yet and she is working towards giving out her best by focusing on the positives.

“Some people don’t just recognize the effort despite the hard work we put in our music, and only the faint hearted will give up at this time.”

The artist, who got inspiration from her late uncle who was a good musician and guitarist himself, urged aspiring musicians to avoid focusing their attention on negatives but rather realize their dreams through hard work and self-confidence.

Keturah, who is currently working on a new video titled Africa scheduled for release next Thursday, is increasingly becoming a household name after coming up with successful music projects like Moyo Uno and Nambewe among others.

She said Africa is a piece that is talking about how great the continent was before when there was togetherness and love as compared to the present time when people are full of arrogance and selfishness.

“I have been working on the song for over a year and I hope Malawians and the rest of Africa will love it.”

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