Drug Fight Malawi appeals for drug abuse sensitization amid Covid-19

Drug Fight Malawi has called on government to come up with measures that will help in sensitizing the youth in their homes to refrain from drug and substance abuses amid COVID-19 pandemic.

The call has been made by Drug Fight Malawi’s Executive Director, Nelson Zakeyo, as the youth are currently in their homes due to closure of schools.

Zakeyo told YFM that some of the measures that have been put in place are commendable such as restricting beer selling hours.

Zakeyo said: “Some of the measures that are in place are welcomed especially the opening and closing of drinking joints this is something that we have been advocating for even before the COVID 19 because this is counterproductive.”

Despite this being a welcome development, he has added that the youth need to be reached with messages in their homes to ensure they refrain from using drugs at this time when they are idle.

“We would love if the government would come up with some community measures to reach out to the youth on the dangers of using drugs and substances because most of our youths are in our homes,” said Zakeyo.

He has also urged government to continue with such initiatives such as having moderated alcohol selling hours even after the pandemic is defeated.

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