Met Dept forecasts heavy rains

The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services says most areas of the center and north will this week experience an increase in rainfall activities.

The Department’s Director Jolamu Nkhokwe has however said there will be a slight decrease and intermittent rainfall activities in the southern part of the country.

He added that the heavy rainfall episodes are due to combined effects of Congo air mass and Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ICTZ).

“These expected rainfall occurrences are likely to be associated with locally heavy thunderstorms at occasion with heavier episodes over lakeshore and high ground areas,” said Nkhokwe.

According to Nkhokwe, the heavy rainfall occurrences are likely to cause floods.

“The heavy rainfall episodes are likely to pose high threat of flush floods in low lying areas particularly along the lakeshore.

“The public is therefore advised not to walk through fast moving water or crossing flooding rivers,” said Nkhokwe.

The Director said during the past week highest rainfall in the South Dolo in Nsanje reported 72.0 on February 27, in the center 75mm reported at Nkhunga in Nkhotakota on 22 February, and in the North 110mm on February 22 at Chintheche in Nkhata Bay.

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