Social cash transfer beneficiaries urged to use funds wisely

Renowned social commentator Lucky Mbewe has advised the beneficiaries of the emergency social cash transfer initiative to use the funds wisely so that it achieves it’s intended purpose.

The initiative will see 199,640 vulnerable Malawians in the country’s cities receiving money amounting to K35,000 for three months of January to March this year to cushion the economic impact of Covid-19 pandemic.

Mbewe commended government for the move but was quick to say that there is need to sensitize the beneficiaries on the purpose of the funds to ensure that it really helps to uplift their lives.

“This is a step in a direction because it shows that government is well concerned about the wellbeing of it’s people, however, there is need to sensitize the masses on how best to use the funds,” he said.

Mbewe added, “You know many people would not invest money which they have not sweated for, so it’s the duty of government to reach out to the beneficiaries and enlighten them on the purpose of the funds to ensure that it does serve its purpose.”

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