ACB applauded over use of non-conviction based forfeiture order

The National Anti-Corruption Alliance (NACA) says Malawi is taking the right step towards ending corruption following the seizure of Norman Chisale’s property by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) using non-conviction based forfeiture order under the new Financial Crimes Act of 2017.

This has been said in a media release from NACA signed by the chairperson Moses Mkandawire in which they have applauded the ACB and other anti-graft bodies for using the law.

“The National Anti-Corruption Alliance (NACA) commends the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) and other anti-graft bodies for achieving the non-conviction based forfeiture order under the new Financial Crimes Act of 2017.

“This order relates to the seizure of assets amounting to MK1.7 billion from former president Peter Mutharika’s security aide, Norman Chisale,” reads the statement.

The alliance further stated its elation that this is the second time the law has been used to such effect as seizing property that was being investigated for corruption charges.

It has also said this will help go a long way in helping end corruption in the country as many cases to do with corruption are taking time to be concluded.

“The Alliance notes that non-conviction based forfeiture order is a huge step forward in Malawi’s continued fight against corruption, fraud and money laundering. Such orders are a key tool for recovering stolen assets considering that criminal cases take too long to be investigated and prosecuted in this country,” reads the statement.

There is hope that the money and assets recovered will go towards developmental work as most of it was robbed from the taxpayer and was meant to benefit the taxpayer. 

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