Government to recruit more health workers

Government says it is in a process of recruiting more health workers to beef up staff in the country hospitals amid rising demand on health personnel.

Minister of Health Khumbize Chiponda disclosed this in Parliament after being asked by the lawmakers on what her Ministry is doing to address the challenge of shortage of staff in the country`s health facilities.

“Yes indeed most of the Members of Parliament (MPs) they have built health posts and facilities in the constituencies using Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and Local Development Fund (LDF) and they are in need of health personnel,” said Chiponda.

According to Chiponda, the Ministry is aware that most public hospitals are running on staff shortage and that government will recruit more health workers even beyond the Coronavirus pandemic.

“My Ministry is very much aware of the shortages of staff and we had been talking about, in fact as we are talking now we are in the process of recruiting more health workers so that we let them available to all the health facilities.

“We also need to address the issue of shortages in all the country`s hospitals so the recruitment process will continue even beyond Covid-19,” said Chiponda.

According to the 2020/2021 National Budget, the Health sector received huge off-budget resources and that provision for wages and salaries in the mid-year budget review has been revised upwards from its approved amount of K523.7 billion to K525.3 billion, representing an increase of K1.6 billion which is budgeted to finance recruitment of health workers.

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