Analyst backs wards, constituencies demarcation reviews

A local political analyst has thrown his weight behind the planned consultation meetings for the review of constituency and ward boundaries.

The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) announced that it will begin consultation meetings with political party presidents, their secretary generals, directors of elections and other executive members from April 6-16 to discuss the review of constituency and ward boundaries.

Director of media and public relations at MEC Sangwani Mwafulirwa stated that the exercise will be held transparently and all inputs will be considered.

Political expert, Victor Chipofya said the exercise is important because it will determine whether we continue losing money paying members of parliament to make laws when the impact is not felt by the country.

“Malawi is a small country and for us to have 193 constituencies it doesn’t make sense bearing in mind that a lot of money is being spent by having so many people in parliament to make laws,” he said.

Chipofya added that most members of parliament do not even contribute to the law making process but still pocket allowances as such we need to review whether we need all these MP’s or councilors.

MEC is mandated by the constitution to among other things, review constituency and ward boundaries every five years.

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