Fatsani movie producers aim for Netflix

As movie lovers are eagerly waiting for Fatsani Movie, producers says they are satisfied with how the Netflix campaign is progressing saying they are hopeful that they will meet their target.

The crew launched the Netflix campaign by encouraging social media users to post anything related to Fatsani movie on twitter, tagging Netflix to have the movie on Netflix.

Public Relations Officer for the movie Priscilla Mphande said if the movie was to be featured on Netflix, the Malawian movie industry will have made it internationally, fatsani being written and produced by Malawians.

“I would like to appreciate Malawians who have been helping us with the campaign and that understand that this is our thing we really need to have Fatsani on Netflix because this is something that will give Malawi an identity and pride,” Mphande said.

She further urged Malawians to continue participating in the campaign so that they should reach their goal.

Thomas Siveliwa, Marketing Officer for HD Plus Creations, the main production company of the original motion picture, thanked all Malawians who are taking part in the campaign and said very soon they will communicate about the response from Netflix.

“Very soon we will tell Malawians what response we have from Netflix,” she said.

Fatsani, a movie which was inspired by two events contains real life situations that people go through, and it has been written produced and acted by Malawians, the movie will be premiered on 30th April in Lilongwe through a drive-in cinema.

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