Ngumuya asks fans to buy original album

One of the gospel artists in the country Allan Ngumuya has urged people to support his talent by buying his original album “adzakhala adzakhala” comprising ten songs launched on Easter Sunday in Blantyre.

“I would like my fans to buy the original album and not a fake album,” he said.

Ngumuya who has been active in the music industry for 36 years now says the central messages in the new album is hope, healing and happiness as the world is passing through tough times as a result of the pandemic.

“My message is hope healing and happiness the idea is to give hope to all those who are hopeless and lost loved ones during these trying times,” Ngumuya said.

The launch had a small audience in attendance while others were following the launch on Facebook which he attributed that it shows that people still love his music.

Among other artists who have been featured in the album include legends like Lucius Banda and Wycliffe Chimwendo.

He said with featuring a number of artists, he will be able to reach out to all groups of people.

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