Malawi to experience cold weather

Weather authorities have cautioned that areas in the Southern and Central regions will this week experience cool to cold weather conditions associated with occasional fog and rain drizzles.

According to the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services (DCCMS), the windy and cloudy to partly weather conditions is due to a cool and moist airflow from the south east.

DCCMS Director Jolamu Nkhokwe said rough waters are also expected over the lake due to Mwera Winds caused by cool airflow from the south east of the country.

“Climatologically, the month of April is the transition month from rainfall season into winter season associated with gradual reduction and complete cessation of rainfall activities.

“Commonly starting from the south followed by the center by end of April, and eventually northern areas of the country in the first days of the month,” said Nkhokwe.

He, however, stressed that most of the northern areas are likely to continue experiencing rainfall activities associated with thunderstorms due to the influence of Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ICTZ) which is lying over Tanzania.

The Director added that due to drop in temperatures, people are advised to eat well particularly energy giving foods, to wear warm clothing wherever necessary to stay warm and avoid breathing in cold air which he said can trigger asthma attacks, sore throat and catching cold or flu.

Meanwhile, a mix in occurrence of cold weather spells and sunny intervals are interchangeably experienced over the country.

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