Teachers call off sit in

The leadership of the Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) has called off a sit-in by its members after signing a Consent Order with government.

According to lawyer representing TUM Madalitso Kausi, their party holds the view that the union should not fight against the court order but continuing with negotiations.

In an interview, Kausi said it is proper for the teachers to resume work while negotiations go on.

“We saw it fit that we should come to Court and negotiate that this matter should be postponed, we should not begin to fight the issues of legality or illegality of the injunction, I think there are real issues that we want to address.

“We agreed that the respondents (teachers) should resume work tomorrow, negotiations should continue and this matter be postponed to allow dialogue, I think it premature to come to court now,” said Kausi.

TUM President Willy Malimba has called upon striking teachers across the country to result work tomorrow Tuesday following postponement of the matter.

“What we are asking the teachers is that they should resume work on Tuesday, but this one is just a suspension waiting for the negotiations to come to an end.

“I am sure that something will come out, I think government is trying to get some means and ways to come to the solutions of this issue especially to us teachers,” said Malimba.

According to the Consent Order, the matter has been postponed pending further negotiations between the two parties and the applicant (Attorney General) shall file the Notice of Postponement with the court.

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