Mpinganjira has case to answer

The High Court sitting in Blantyre has found a business tycoon Thomson Mpinganjira with a case to answer in which he is being accused of attempting to bribe High Court judges.

He allegedly attempted to bribe the five judges who sat as Constitutional Court in May 2019 presidential election nullification case.

The ruling was made on Thursday by High Court Judge Dorothy DeGabrielle.

During the ruling, DeGabrielle read out six counts leveled against Mpinganjira including offering advantage to public officers, attempting to induce public officer to perform his duties corruptly and attempting to induce public officer to abuse public officer.

The court is expected to meet on May 11, 2021 to hear whether Mpinganjira is going to be called to give evidence or other witnesses will be paraded.

Speaking after the ruling, Counsel for the State, Victor Chiwala, said he is satisfied with the ruling.

And lawyer for Mpinganjira, Patrice Nkhono, said he has accepted the ruling and his team will decide whether to call witnesses for their client or not.

“When we meet on 11th May we will report to the court whether our client is going to be called to give evidence or other witnesses will give evidence in this court,” Nkhono said.

Judge Degabrielle has also said Mpinganjira is at liberty to enter his defense or remain silent as per his Constitutional rights.

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