PPP Commission laments political bickering on project performance

The Public Private Partnership Commission has singled out political instability as one of the contributing factors that has negatively affected the rolling of the Malawi Digital Project.  

PPP Commission disclosed this during an interface meeting with the Parliamentary Committee on Media, Information and Technology in Lilongwe.

Although expressed dismay at the progress of the project due to change in politics, the Committee`s Chairperson Aboo Naliwa said Covid-19 pandemic has also affected the Malawi Digital Project.

“In terms of time, they are lagging behind, some projects have been accomplished while others are still on the run, like the installation of towers and digitalisation of government institution.

“There have been several challenges amongst which some is political change and also the challenge of this pandemic that has caused some of the issues to delay,” said Naliwa.

He however highlighted that his Committee believes that the Commission will carry on regardless of the challenges highlighted.

“We are very much contended with the way this work is going, we want Malawi to one of the countries that will going to be digitalised come next two years.

“And hopefully we are on course because of the ay this country has experience politically, as well as economically and socially, so we feel they are on course and definitely they are going to meet the goals,” said Naliwa.

The PPP Commission was established in 2011 by an Act of Parliament. It facilitates the implementation of the public-private partnership programme in Malawi.

It is the sole authority that implements divestiture of direct and indirect government interests in state-owned enterprises.

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