Economist lauds data reduction

Polytechnic Economics Lecturer Dr. Betchani Tchereni has said the recent reduction of tariffs for data has the potential to get the country’s economy back on track as more people will be able to access the internet.

Two leading telecommunication providers in the country, Airtel Malawi and Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) recently reduced tariffs for data bundles following discussions with Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) and the Ministry of Information.

Tchereni said the internet has helped the country to register some economic activity in past year despite the COVID- 19 pandemic.

He said that the internet in this day and age is a necessity that almost everyone needs to have access to at an affordable rate.

Tchereni said the country could see a growth in the economy if the rates were further reduced because E-Commerce would be on the boom in a day and age were everything is going digital.

Dr. Tchereni said: “Having internet charges lowered is very good, why? Because when the internet is cheap more people, SMEs can use it and E-Commerce can blossom and trade can be boosted.”

Despite a formal communication from network service providers most internet bundles have been reduced by a certain percentage by the service providers.

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