Chiperoni weather hits Malawi

The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services has cautioned that most areas across the country will this week experience windy and chilly weather conditions.

The weather, which is locally known as Chiperoni, is due to cool and moist airflow from the south east of South Africa.

In an interview, the Department`s Director Jolamu Nkhokwe said the month of May is the official commencement of winter season in the country.

“Most areas in the south, center and the north of the country are expected to experience chilly weather conditions associated with fog and frequent outbreaks of rain drizzle, particularly over high ground locally known as Chiperoni, with Mwera winds over Lake Malawi.

“The month of May is the officially the start of winter season in Malawi characterised by chilly weather conditions associated with a drop night temperatures and locally very cold nights and morning,” said Nkhokwe.

He has since advised people in the country to eat well and wearing layers of lightweight clothing in order to prevent from losing body heat.

“As temperatures start dropping as we get into winter season, the general public is advised to eat well, to wear layers of lightweight clothing, gloves, scarfs and even a hat to stay warm and help prevent losing your body heat.

“Avoid breathing in cold air by staying indoors or by wearing a scarf over the mouth to avoid respiratory illness such as sore through, catching cold and flu when temperatures are low,” said Nkhokwe.

The Department added that those plying over Lake Malawi and associated lakes should continue exercising utmost extra caution to avoid loss of life and property due to incursion of Mwera winds.

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