Mary Mount alumni raise funds for safe motherhood

As one way of promoting safe motherhood in the country, a charitable group calling itself Mary Mount class of 2007 under the Miracle project has embarked on fundraising K1 million for Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital and Kamuzu Central Hospital maternity wings.

Speaking to YFM the treasurer for the group, Karen Tembo said the move is in memory of one of the group’s members late Madalitso Mwale who had passion for safe motherhood.

“She was very dedicated to taking care of children and she would always visit maternity wards and donate a few things so we decided to do this charity in memory of her.

“We want to ensure that we continue with the desire to impact and touch the lives of women and children in this country; this is what Madalitso would have loved for us to do,” Tembo said.

Currently the group has managed to raise about K700, 000 together with some items like blankets and clothes that have been donated from different people.

“Our target was to get a million kwacha and divide the proceeds between the two hospitals, t at the moment we have so far raised over K700,000 and we also have gifts from various people like blankets, clothes and soap,” said Tembo.

Mary Mount class of 2007 group is  composed of students who graduated from Mary Mount secondary school in the year 2007.

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