Ministry intensifies campaign against uncertified chemicals

The Ministry of Agriculture has intensified sensitisation campaigns on the matter in which farmers in Mzimba have been using uncertified chemicals applied on the vegetables.

The ministry is carrying out the initiative through its extension workers.

The chemical, which has been used on crops such as tomatoes and vegetables has been described as harmful for human consumption.

Speaking to Yoneco online, spokesperson in the Ministry of Agriculture, Gracian Lungu, said meanwhile the ministry is satisfied that farmers are complying with the ministry’s plea.

Lungu said: “We have a wide network of extension workers and they have been going around sensitising farmers on the dangers of using such chemicals and inform them of the proper ones to be used.”

He said so far the campaign is progressing well because the products that were applied with the chemical are no longer being found on the market.

Lungu further said the chemical which was being used was made for inedible crops or those that are meant to be stored for a longer period of time.

The chemicals were mostly used in areas around Jenda.

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