Police scale-up investigations on missing government vehicles

The Malawi Police Service (MPS) says it has scaled up investigations on all persons who are still in illegal custody of government vehicles.

Recently the police arrested a bodyguard to former president Peter Mutharika, Dabble Dissi on allegations of theft of government motor vehicle.

Furthermore, recently police issued a stern warning to those in illegal custody of the government vehicles to submit them to police.

When asked by YFM Online on Monday, on whether people have started to come forward in response to the warning, national police spokesperson, James Kadadzera, declined to shed more light saying their investigations through Anti-Motor Vehicle Theft Unit are still under way.

He has also declined to reveal the actual number of vehicles alleged to be illegally in custody of people.

However he assured that the police has a list of all the vehicles.

Kadadzera said: “Right now let me not diverge to more information on this but all I can say is that there are some people who are illegally in custody of government vehicles and we are following them up.”

He further warned that those found will be prosecuted for theft.

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