UTM office arson attack suspects risk bail revocation

Suspects in the arson attack on UTM’s Lilongwe Area 24 office which killed three family members have failed to take plea today because three of them could not avail themselves before the court.

The thirteen suspects were on Monday expected to take plea before judge Annabel Mtalimanja but three of them Kasimu Hassan, Mpeta Peter Makina and George Mang’anda were not available for no clear reasons.

Lawyer from the Legal Aid Bureau, Oscar Taulo, who is representing Kasimu Hassan and Mpeta Peter Makina told the court that she was not aware of the whereabouts of her two clients because their phones were out of reach.

Taulo told the court that he was uncertain why his client George Mang’anda failed to appear the court but believed he failed due to reasons beyond his control.

Presiding Judge Annabel Mtalimanja has summoned the three to appear before her on May 24, 2021 together with their sureties to inform the court reasons behind their failure or risk bail revocation.

The court has given further direction that plea be taken on May 31, 2021.

The thirteen suspects including the former United Democratic Front (UDF) Publicity Secretary Ken Ndanga are answering to murder charges in connection to the attack.

The attack claimed lives of Seleman Tambala, his wife Ayiles and son Shukuran, leaving other three children severely burnt and orphaned.

The incident occurred in May last year was one of the ugliest political violence happened in the run up to the 2020 fresh presidential election.

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