Long walk to achieve 50-50

A political analyst has underscored the need for the country to change their perspective on gender equality saying it should begin at family level.

Victor Chipofya made the remarks when asked on how best Malawi can advance the 50-50 agenda in politics.

He described as unfortunate a situation where the 50-50 agenda is only intensified when there is an election yet it has to be linked to our day to day living.

“The only challenge that we have with 50-50 is that it’s only linked to elections the fact that we do not have a gender balanced society is a cultural issue that we need to deal with,” said Chipofya.

He has therefore said mindset change is very critical in order to achieve gender balance in all aspects.

“What we need to do is to start breaking cultural perspectives with regards to gender start empowering women to start leading at family level, society level and then political leadership level but you cannot start from the top and expect that it will be achieved on the way down.”

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