Men leading in suicide cases

At least 76 people have committed suicide in the first quarter of 2021 and among them 69 are men, in the same period last year 44 suicide cases were recorded.

National Police Deputy Spokesperson Peter Kalaya has described the situation as worrying saying police is doing everything possible to raise awareness on the importance of getting psychosocial support.

“We have well trained officers in psychosocial support at the Victim Support Unit (VSU) where people can come and get counselled,” said Kalaya.

He also mentioned that in the mental health awareness month of May police will intensify awareness campaigns and assure people that help is available.

In reaction a renowned psychologist Dr Eric Umar attributed the increased cases of suicide in the country to depression.

“There is a direct link between suicide and depression, with the pandemic in the picture people have lost jobs, lifestyles have changed, relationships have been affected and this makes people vulnerable to depression,” said Umar.

Umar also pointed out that many people are unable to find help when they need it as a nation we should put in place supporting mechanisms that people who are failing to cope mentally should be assisted.

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