Musowa speaks against cabinet reshuffle

As Malawians await President Lazarus Chakwera `s decision to institute a new cabinet and dissolve the current one, Mulanje Bale legislator Victor Musowa has asked the Malawi leader to maintain the present cabinet.

Musowa, who spoke in Parliament on Tuesday, said dissolving the cabinet in a period of less than a year is ineffective and unfair for the current Ministers in accordance with their duties.

In an interview, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lawmaker argued that the cabinet ministers were appointed at a time the country was sailing through serious social and economic challenges and that they cannot bring change overnight.

“Look at the situation this cabinet was appointed, it was appointed when Coronavirus pandemic was at a peak, these honourable ministers have performed very well, we are all Malawians, at the end of the day politics will take us nowhere.

There has been some deliverance, and I would advise the President to maintain them a bit longer so that we can see fruits of their hands,” advised Musowa.

Musowa added by proposing that the President should instead hire the Ministers on contract basis and appraisal them based on prescribed key indicators.

“We want ministers to perform and perform to best of their knowledge so that this country is developed, that’s my stand and I will not change my stand.

And next, it will be very important that the cabinet ministers are appraised in accordance with their contractual obligation, for example let`s say within a year,” suggested the Mulanje Bale lawmaker.

Musowa has since expressed interest to officially write the Malawi leader on his proposal.

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