Politicians scramble for ADMARC’s meager resources

Blantyre City South East Member of Parliament Sammer Suleman has asked President Lazarus Chakwera to demonstrate political will in rescuing Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC) from what he calls a syndicate to defraud the state grain trader.

Suleman, who is also Chairperson for Agriculture and Irrigation Committee of Parliament, said the Cooperation has, for a long time, suffered political interference and led to siphoning of billions of kwachas.

Addressing the august House, Suleman said authorities need urgently intervene and address all the loopholes saying that ADMARC has already lost K2.5 billion through dubious means.

“I am actually begging for political will from the President to look into ADMARC with the seriousness it deserves and it has to done immediately.

It’s a syndicate, it is involving a lot of people in high offices but I can assure that already K2.5 million has already been lost through ADMARC through dubious means and some of the pressure is coming from the cabinet itself,” expressed dissatisfaction Suleman.

The Chairperson has also disclosed that there are Tonse Alliance cabinet ministers who are playing dubious deals at ADMARC.

“What is saddening is to leant that some of the ministers that are involved in the plunder are also government cabinet ministers, which is very worrisome,” wondered Suleman.

Concurring with Suleman, ADMARC Board Chairperson Alexander Kusamba Dzozi has admitted that there is indeed rot at ADMARC in relation to recent forensic audit conducted recently and that politicians are at the center of the looting.

“Honorable Suleman is not far from the truth, in fact the moment we will be done with our forensic audit, we established that ADMARC has lost a lot of money and several law suits.

ADMARC has been a caffeine of politicians, but the politicians have not been operating alone, there have been some specific officials within ADMARC as well as a different ministry and it has been a game of killing ADMARC all along,” admitted Dzozi.

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